Harry Potter Sketchbook Holiday

Been away for half term, lots of walking, pub lunches and stuff. Watched all 8 of the Harry Potter films, all the JC5 together.

Philosophers Stone
Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban

Goblet of Fire

The Order of the Phoenix

Half Blood Prince

Deathly Hallows 1

Deathly Hallows 2


pmgl said...

After all those years i might become an harry potter fan now.

Brandon Kruse said...

These are all PURE GOLD! Bravo!

Mick said...

marvellous interpretations

WJC said...

Thanks you all you Guys!

AskedForIt said...

Stunning work

samacleod said...

These are insanely cool. You are so GOOD! Wonderful.

Ross Dearsley said...

Brilliant! Reminds me of the time before the films, when it was all just in our mind's eye!

Love the dead Basilisk :¬)