I have been taken commissions in recent weeks which has been cracking fun, never quite sure what people are going to ask for next. Details about ordering a commissions are at my shop here.
The limit is the A4 page but the more characters you want in , the smaller they are going to be.

Any ideas can be undertaken, my own characters if you like that sort of thing, or a character of your own.

Here are the colour art from a few of the recent commissions. (Some repeated)

Dr Strange


Jeeves and Wooster

Lucky Luke

Marty McWolf

Peter Venkman

The Shadow




Jori Bolton said...

These are awesome! Love that Dr. Strange.

Bing said...

Your work is awesome!!!Just discovered your blog and love your drawings, your imagination, storytelling and staging. Would love to drink of the river from where your ideas flow...

T' said...

Just found your work through Drawn. I really love the freedom with which you draw and adapt characters. So solid and flowing at the same time.

Disa said...

hey, spotted your stuff on tumblr today and recognised it from Elcaf - yours was my favourite table and I kept coming back to it, love your drawings! glad I found your blog!

Arvin Bautista said...

These look great! That shadow one is my fave!

shane oakley said...

Fekkin adore these! Especially Poirot and The Shadow.
Very tempted to spend money i shouldn't be spending...

WJC said...

Thank you ALL. You guys are most kind, i'm very grateful.

Disa, Elcaf was great, hope to be there next year.