Shore Leave

This is 'Shore Leave' A dozen collected views from of rum and salty coves IN a rum and salty cove. Since a holiday to the craggy North Cornish coast earlier this year, I have been drawing these scenes on occasion. Collected here, in a wonderfully high quality book by the splendid guys at Ripe Digital.

These books are signed and limited to 100. Each has an individually drawn tattoo on the swarthy sailor arm on the back cover, available now in my shop. If you order, feel free to suggest the tattoo or initials you'd like on there.


Spugna said...

cool, i ordered one!

WJC said...

Thank you, hope you like it, I sent it friday.

Manoj Singh said...

I think this is a real great blog post. Really thank you!

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Rajib Dey said...

Can I get the book online?

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