Alter Ego Exhibition

I am dead pleased to be part of The Alter Ego Exhibition. It opens on thursday, details above. I'll be struggling to hold my own amongst some incredible talent in the show. An amazing variety of artists.

  'The exhibition brings 7 artists from various cities in the UK delivering an exhibition of brand new artwork with a variety of styles and techniques. With work from Cottonmouth, Guy McKinley, Klingatron, Robert Ball, Smug, Waste and WJC. From photorealistic graffiti to illustration with each artist studying the theme of a second personality through a mutual influence of popular culture comic books with the artists transforming the Red Bull Studios exhibition space into a comic inspired vault. The opening preview is a guest list event and Alter Ego is open to the public until the 16th May 2012.'

 I have 6 pieces for the show, i'll post them in full after, but for now, here are screen pics.

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Lee Stevenson said...

Damn you London and all your hipp and trendy stuff! Would love to see this, but I'm just a simple Northern man, with no cart or horse. Your screen shots look great Warwick.