Comic Comiket Live drawing and interviw

A couple of weeks ago now, I was at the Comica Comiket event. It was a pretty light day for sales for me but as usual I had a cracking time seeing all the people and talking an every opportuntity. I did also get to be part of the 'Drawing Parade' which was an exciting and unusual experience. Here's a brief run through of events, including the following day when I redrew the fella. Happily the picture was bought on the day, proceeds went to Comica.

View from the Drawing Parade table.

Partial Paul Gravett and my finished pic.

A view of the actual thing

Re Drawn the next day

Coloured in

It is important to point out I was panicking about what I was to draw coming up to my allotted time, so put out a call for help on twitter, the superb Lizz Lunney suggested a bear (THANKS LIZZ!) so I went with this fella.

After the drawing was an interview with Dan Fish for Panel Borders. I'll let you know when it is available BUT I had done an interview with Dickon Harris a while earlier. (shamefully, the release for Gungle remains much the same) That is here.

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