Volcano vs Gungle

While the UK suffer from a lack of U.S. comic deliveries today due to Icelandic/ Euro Airspace Hoo-Ha I decided (very roughly and rapidly) to stick up a free one (pdf) for download. Happy reading without spending. It's been posted before but let me know if you like it.


Isaac_Lenkiewicz said...

Man, I loved that! awesome.

Mister Tan said...

Great Blog!

guanoboy said...

Hey Warwick,

Don't know if you got our e-mail or not, but got the artwork and it's sweet! Even more beautiful in person, you rock! Thanks so much. Will send you a photo when it's framed and on our wall.


Darren and Cris

WJC said...

Isaac Thanks a lot, glad you liked it.

Mister Tan Wow massive thanks! I really love your work.

Guanoboy Thanks! Got the photo this morning, looks cool, exactly how i'd hope they'd get framed.

mrfart said...

Thank you for this.
I love the way you draw/color.

Wish I could see how you work, would be interesting :)
(ink-then color in photoshop with textures or something? I don't know)

WJC said...

Mrfart, I mainly cheat and avoid ink, a force of habit though it is a habit i'm breaking.
I did some 'process post' a while ago, should be here

Lovely comic work you have there Mrfart.

mrfart said...

Thanks for the link!
I should try working without ink too sometimes. But my pencil drawings are so chaotic that usually the easiest thing to do is just to ink them.
Also, I recognize the pub you use as a texture background :) (Im from belgium)