Car Boot Aquaman

The Boy went with Mrs Warwick to a Car Boot sale at the weekend and returned with an old issue of Aquaman #9 which looked every minute of it's 47 years old. Coverless and patched up with brittle sellotape and it smells great. Clearly loved and not surprising. I do not now when I last read an Aquaman comic and it was everything comics should be doing. This sketch is panel 3 on page 22 where Aquaman stands on a pyramid of octopi while organising a group of squid ink stained whales to form the instruction 'Do not drop bombs' to be read by the pilot of an oncoming plane preparing to drop bombs.


Fran Johnston said...

Bombs? I thought it looked like he was off the coast of iceland trying to warn the plane about the volcano!

WJC said...

Judging by what I read in this issue, he's be more likely trying to bung up the volcanic fissures with whales and walruses and narwhals and the like.

Louie Joyce said...

Hah, that's great. Old comics are so crazy. I'd love to find a bunch of old Aquaman ones!