The guys at the Monkey On My Back Podcast have been excellent and kind in their support of The Birdsong Anthology and are currently in possession of a copy, signed and sketched in by all contributers at the UK Thing (except Sarah as she was at HI Ex) and they're giving it away to someone who does them the grandest monkey. I did one, not to get the book back but just for my love of monkeys.

And in other news, I've learned how to put links through pictures, hence the Birdsong/Songbird image that will take you to the Failboat Press shop.


robward said...

Is he angry because his mum combed his hair - nice parting, bananaboy!

WJC said...

ALL astronauts have tidy hair, they're built that way.

james corcoran said...

Fantastic astro monkey! You know it occurred to me this morning for some reason that you would do a fantastic General Jumbo if I ever got round to doing a British comic homage. Must be your knack for rendering tiny detail.