What have I've been playing at.

I take a moment from a marathon of stuff to report and reflect.

This is my pin-up form Colin Lorimer's UXB. He has produced this 'preview' to his post-apocalyptic world where three super enhanced teenagers run free to persue their interest in video games, violence and porn. Contact him for a free issue (if he has any left)

This is page five of nine of a strip called Angel that I did for Mikolaj Spionek's Pirat comic. Details on it's publication will follow when I know.

Another Polish comic (Page 4 of 10) also being printed in English for New British Comics #2. I think, due to be published for Poland's MFK comic con in october (though i'll be at the Birmingham one that weekend).

And this, currently battling to finish, is a page of my strip for Will Kirkby and Naniiebims Birdsong/Songbird anthology. There will be a proper post on this later on as there're great people involved but tea is cold so break is over.


Monkeyfeather said...

Companies should pay you millions for your comics so that we may see MORE.

Lovely, inspired work!

Jorge Forn├ęs said...

Spectacular,I want to read your comics in paper!!

pmgl said...

angel's greats composition. monkey up there's darn right.

pmgl said...

mikolaj seems to be a good fellow also :)

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Man, too good!

WJC said...

I'm dead happy you guys like this. I'll keep you posted as to when and where they may be available.

And whatever's next.

Will Dawbarn said...

this stuff looks terrific -- i particularly like the demon guys in the *angel* strip.
you do keep busy, dontcha!