Well I thought i'd fudged the Comica deadline but found out (right this second) that it's been extended til next month, so i'm still in the running! (Keep an eye out for Rob Davis' pages, i've seen 'em and they're Great!)

Jonathan-E put in his cover for Becks 100 Covers which is a cracker! There's some cool re-works there but still some great album on the list not represented. I don't think I can enter two but I did this one anyway.


Fred Blunt said...

This rules WJC!!!
I love it
put it in anyway :)

Monkeyfeather said...

This is AWESOME!

Would you be willing to sell the original drawing?

WJC said...

Ta Fred! I'm waiting on a verdict.

Sure John, I owe you that wrestler still (not forgotten, just not got them out yet)
I'll email you a pic of the raw, pen and sellotaped version and you can decide if you're still keen.

Monkeyfeather said...


Chris Garbutt said...

Love it, love it!

Rob Davis said...

Only just discovered this Becks 100 covers - is it too late to do one? They've only got 58, that's well short of 100. Your Ramones one is very cool and most importantly very Ramones. Nice work.

Look forward to seeing your Comica/Observer/Cape piece, don't make it too good, give the rest of us a chance! Have to say, 4 pages is quite an ask, hope you find the time to do it. I found it really tough to fit it in.

WJC said...

Get one in Rob, I cannot believe they haven't done the 100 yet. Loads of great albums bagsy'd but still not done yet. Don't hang about.

Mark said...

Never mind the original, could you email me a higher-res of the finished version? This'd go well with the Smashed Wanger image I'll be getting framed soon?

Jason said...

Nice Ramones pic Warwick. Have you seen my photo on fb of my band and da brudders downstairs at the paradiso?