Eastwing Brochure 13 (Fusion)

This is my page (sort of) in Eastwing's new brochure, got it through the letterbox this morning. Lotsa great illustrators in there, I ought to link to them sometime.

*Update* Eastwing Exhibition is on this week at The Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, London W1. Mon to Thurs 18th.


Fred Blunt said...

Love it Warwick
Great fish restaurant scene.
Is it based on an actual restaurant?
Seems so real

Dave Shelton said...


pmgl said...

"catch of the day" haha. reminds me of some roadkills restaurant in southern usa. never did.

robward said...

Lovely mise-en-scene, Captain Boss-Eye! Loads of funny all over the shop. If that don't get you a slew of jobs, then I'm a frigatebird.