Trouble in Paradise


Mark said...

Always bridled meself at the "King Of Pop" moniker, seeing as it was largely self-declared, and seemingly made up just to annoy Prince, the more interesting artist.

robward said...

I'm not so sure, I think maybe he was just trying to big himself up in the tradition of the 'Godfather Of Soul' in half-playful, half-serious sort of way - trouble is by then no-one could suspect him of having a sense of humour amid all that Earth Song balls.
I suppose the bottom line is that he was a bit mental, but Wanna Be Startin Somethin is still good.

WJC said...

Had I had a few more minutes to do this, this morning, my plan was to include Prince, Madonna and Freddy Mercury at the table to encourage a sense of hierarchy and debate.

As I said, me and Michael Jackson agreed to differ sometime after Thriller. I don't know where the title came from but he did manage some cracking tunes.