I used to copy pictures of Samurai from books as a nipper, which turned out to be Kuniyoshi's. Then at college I found a book of his Warrior Prints and copied them all over again. I went to the (now finished) exhibition a week or so ago and saw the prints in the flesh. Flipping lovely too.

I copied an image from 1979 for yesterdays post, here's one copied from 1851.


Scribblesam said...

Nice : ) I went to that a few weeks back too... One of the best displays of work I have ever seen I reckon. Very Inspiring too. Btw all of your Gungle stuff recently has been excellent!


Jorge Forn├ęs said...


Jonathan Edwards said...

Beautiful. MIssed the exhibition by just a few hours (our train was delayed). Grrr.

WJC said...

Grrr to trains, it was a great exhibition, it felt like it needed an RZA soundtrack at least. Mad, wild images, totally comic and totally action. And thanks chaps.