The Shitkickers

I am currently busy with boring day jobs and smugly secret drawing jobs so he's some I did earlier.

In 1995/6 I filled up an A5 Seawhite sketchbook with a cowboy story, entirely drawn in brown pilot pen (3 or 5).

It was a Cowboy Treasure story that simply wandered off into a sketchbook of loads of wild west characters mucking about.

I saw it in the loft today when i was putting the tent away.
Might post some more, maybe have another go at the adventure.


Mark said...

Yeah, your style not quite there yet, but a few bits and pieces still unmistakeably WJC.

Jorge Forn├ęs said...

Good old works warwick!!!

robward said...

Love this. I watched The Ballad Of Cable Hogue t'other day, and this is very much in the same spirit.

A whole sketchbook? I'd buy that for a dollar!

See you tomorrow.

WJC said...

Bring that dollar.