The Comic in The Guardian

I'm afraid i'm late to report the loss of The Comic in The Guardian, the last one was on saturday, ending the same weekend as The DFC (whose strips made up a fair portion of The Comic). It's been great fun being asked, more on than off, to draw for The Comic this last year or so and i've had a great time. I shall now look forward to whatever happens next.

The DFC guys are keeping their pencils warm (at the very least) in blog form.

Many thanks to Emma and Perri for letting me do it and 'High Five!' Jonathan-E who got all the good drawings in. And everybody else.


Jonathan Edwards said...

Real shame it's over. Great work over the last year or so, Warwick. Where are kids going to learn how to make fake sick now?

Mark said...

I always love the Guardian on a Saturday, but y'know what they should be doing over there? A proper monthly comic from The Observer, to go with the the Food Monthly, the Music Monthly, etc. Get someone like Paul Gravett to edit it, that kinda thing. That would rock.

Perri said...

They were good times WCJ, good times indeed!

WJC said...

Without comics to keep them busy they'll be on the cider soon enough, no need for fake sick then.

A 'monthly' would work a treat with a PG in charge. Balancing comic and cartoon strips and some sensible commentary to pull in the 'uncertain element'. It would rock a treat.

And Perri, it WAS great wasn't it. And thanks for stopping by.

Emma said...

Only just seen this. Monday's just won't be the same without that Monday commissioning feeling. Will never forget mentioning to you that I hoped you were having nice day out when you sent your rough in and I spotted it came on your mobile and you were with friend in A&E! Not sure what your friend thought as you were scribbling away as he possibly bled to death or similar. Oh and the time you were on holiday in France and still managed to hit the deadline with no power or electricity out in the sticks. Thanks for everything.

WJC said...

He wasn't bleeding, he was having a seizure (so he'll never find out)

I love drawing, it was a pleasure.