Belated Blog Party Pic

Just found this from the 1 year blog party last year. One of the surfing pirates looking unimpressed talking to Brian of the Astronomers.

Note Fred's screen-print over the fake mantlepiece, the Horny Rhino print and Karma Sutra print that are also in that frame but rarely get put on view.


Fred Blunt said...

Ha ha
Blimey Warwick - I haven't seen that print in well over a decade!
Cor - that brings back some memories.
Glad to see old Brian May is enjoying it!

Mick said...

class all over the shop.. good for you

WJC said...

Haven't you got any left Fred?

Ta, Mick!

Fred Blunt said...

I think there's maybe a few in a folder in my Mum's garage - possibly?
I think most of my old uni era scribbles found their way onto a bonfire by mistake... either that or mum hated them!

Jason said...

Dang Fred. I was hoping to see the Tit-Ian one again someday?