Ye Olde Nautical Shite-Hole

And that's it. Last one of the holiday pictures. Last week we were away in the craggy and gnarly old west country, marching the nippers and dogs all about the place. Plenty of grog and coves and rock and briney and that. Easy to get going with these characters. But now we're home. And i've work to do. These guys are being put away for a while, til I get around to writing The Five Badgers or Cannibal Lighthouse, or we go on holiday again.


robward said...

Kinda makes me wonder why I don't got any decorative harpoons. Looks like you had a whale...

Nelson Evergreen said...

I'm absolutely adoring these nautical pics, Warwick. Such a great feel to them!

Mark Kardwell said...

Fan entitlement alert! God only knows when/if you'll finish HUNCH & GUNGLE, but when/if you do, I'd love to see you investigate these characters/situations again. There's always a great energy in your art when you go nautical/aquatic, and when you draw boozers, either full of sea-monsters, wrestlers or vampires.

Anyway, rant over - that holiday looks proper Robert Louis Stevenson!

WJC said...

Rob, i got you one. And a whale.

Nelson, thanks very much , Man!

Mark, I have a timetable which covers Hunch then Gungle, as soon as it's framed it's going to be made public and then i'll be for it.
I'll definitely be back here, The Five Badgers is real, it's been kicking around since our first lad was born (co-incidence), Cannibal Lighthouse is also a distant goer.

Saw, RLS, he said to say 'Hi!'.