The London Super Comic Con

It's this weekend at London's Excel Centre (home of the Cosplay fest that is MCMExpo). It's LSCC's first year and I really don't know what to expect. The Excel space is vast and I'm looking forward to see what fills it up. There will be some huge comic names there, I'll personally be on the hunt for Bernie Wrightson and Bill Scienkiewicz, sadly unable to afford to get close to Mister Stan 'The Man' Lee but I might get a peep. The con itself seems to be a high class mainstream comic show (Kapow! with more class and less aggro) but I will judge and report accordingly.

I have a table there, at the small press where I'll be punting my wares, much the same as usual while work on those bigger fish. Comics, cards, prints, original art and that sort of thing. Happily I will be accompanied for some of Saturday by the excellent Robert Ball.

Sadly, all the while missing The Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo, also this weekend which I would have gone to on any other day.

Also, a competition of sorts, anyone who buys anything from me this weekend can go into a draw to win an A4 commission from me. Pencil or ink and coloured digitally with a print. If you like.

*UPDATE* Fixed pic, will fix links. Will post the 'after con' on friday (fingers crossed)

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