Lizz Lunney's Grizzly Bear Thursday

I'm dead late with this but I happily sent Lizz Lunney a bear for Grizzly Bear Thursday some time ago (for which I received a handsome badge or two in return) And I'd encourage you to do so, too! Also, very pleased to point out that for '2nd timers' Lizz has put my bear onto a fridge magnet as a reward! Lizz will be at this weekend's MCM Expo (nearly right in the middle by the look of the map, and in the opposite row to me) and I hope to get me a magnet.

This was my bear, i'll be doing another.

Smug Note: The Great Peter Lord of Aardman bought this bear print off me at the Bristol Expo a couple of weeks ago!


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Rich Johnson said...

Smug Note thoroughly merited.

I'm unashamedly after one of your fridge magnets, myself.