After Bristol

I had a cracking time at the Bristol Expo, though have been 'Non Stop' since it was over (my comic con suitcase is sitting behind me with some of my swag as well as my own gear still in)

Any post con post is going to be so full of missed inclusions that i'm too nervous to try it. Below i'm linking to the first 5 I remember right now: Isaac Lenkiewicz, Bertram Fiddle, Zarjaz and Boo Cook

I would like to link to Flix Gillett (comic creator) and Nick Dyer (CRACKING old school 2000ad art style) but they've yet to get a web presence to link to.

Also to Dean Beattie who was at the con but I didn't realise til yesterday (as I never left the Mercure site)

As I didn't leave the 'Small Press' part I didn't get a chance to buy the book I mainly wanted to get, David Hine and Shakey Kane's The Bulletproof Coffin But I got it yesterday and it's a belter.

Here's my go at The Coffin Fly

(First issue Free here)


Mark Kardwell said...

Oh lordy... WJC's drawn the Coffin Fly... I think I'm going to cry a little.

David Wynne said...

I basically want to leave the exact same comment as the bass beast above. Nerdgasm, man. I think I need a cigarette.

WJC said...

Aww! Thanks you guys!
I cannot believe it took me so long to get this book, it is fantastic!

Isaac Lenkiewicz said...

Arrgh I meant to pick that up too!

Thanks for the mention :)

Your comics were amazing obviously