Mole Love

(stickers Lizz Lunney, Jon Burgerman, Food One, Joe List)

I have had a sketchbook wearing a through my trouser pocket since around 1992.I started off with A6 Seawhite's but at some stage moved on to the snazzy and unfortunately pricey Moleskin.There is no need really to explain how good it is to have a sketchbook and pencil with you at all times. In my case there are a a large number of shopping list and unhelpfully unlabelled phone numbers as well as ideas, plans and sketches.

(Backlog, Mole Damage and A6 blown up to 50+ A4's)

Last years Passengers of the Day were all real folk from observation recorded either out at work or after (though not directly from 'life' as I was working at the time)

With an unsettled system with regard to being at my desk, having these fellas around is a major help. Fruits Delamare for Solipsistic Pop was partially thumbed while walking with my family on holiday (thumbs and early sketches finished in the tent afterwards)

(Library, woods)

Often with some drawings scanned and coloured straight form the book.

(Gungle, Chimney Sweep- drawn during the nippers 30 min swimming lesson)

I have just finished one, it lasted almost a month exactly. There is something I find genuinely impressive about the paper and the quality of line it takes from a pencil. Despite the cost, most usually paid for as I run out and get nearest new one. A high price indeed at a Smiths or Waterstones, though I've just got four as Amazon have a cracking price for them. (WHOAH! HAD! they've gone up nearly 3 quid since yesterday!!!)

Looking forward to filling them in.

(Last Moleskin highlights)


Jonathan Edwards said...

This a brilliant post, Warwick. I can't believe that your chimney sweep pic was drawn in your sketchbook in 30 minutes while waiting for the kids! Can we see a scan of it in the sketchbook please?

Simon said...

Truly inspirational stuff this, W.

I'm with Jonathan re the chimney sweep - wow!

WJC said...

Thanks Jonathan, here's a link to it though I know you've seen him by now


WJC said...

Thanks Simon!

Chris Garbutt said...

Great post!!!
I just love looking at your sketches.

Jason Bennion said...

Hi Warwick, have only just seen ths post (Sorry!) & all I can say is 'WOW' you are the master!

I too am with Jonathan & Simon re the Chimney sweep - that's some mighty serious 30 mins sketchbook work my friend!