Blog Year 3

To celebrate Blog Year 2 I mangled the nippers Operation game for fun. This year, their Guess Who got it. 24 of the Passengers of the Day got to go in. IF you want to try it out you can get the character pages here, and cut and fiddle them to fit (it may not be easy)

In the last blog year a few exciting things have happened. I have comic art in books!! 3 anthology's included my strips, Pirat, NBC#2 and Birdsong. As well, as a doing work for Will's NU-Earth 2000ad fanzine.

Also, highly exciting, the extremely impressive looking Solipsistic Pop #3 which will be out in Nov.
Having massively bolstered the activity in the Gungle after completing The One Hundred Days project, HOOP-LA!! Gungle is going to be published by Blank Slate Books (once it's done) I'm really excited about the format plans that are going into it. I cannot wait to see it finished but have to keep reminding myself that I have to do the work first.

Apologies are due to those who are still hanging about for Gungle art, Nu-Earths or commissions. I am suffering from being extremely busy and disorganised. Special apologies due to the incredible patience of John Hoffman, Thomas Wellman and Bartosz Sztybor who's projects have suffered from my lack of productivity. Sorry.

Gelatina or Goo-Girl featured on the very first post here 3 years ago. So, here she is slightly updated.

Massive thanks to all of you who visit, there are people that deserve special thanks but for now I need to work out a proper way to organise those 'Cheers's' to include all the right people and forget no-one.

Thank you.

Pencils out now . . . .


Chris Ready said...

Congratulations! That Guess Who mod's a total winner.

Chris Garbutt said...

Just keep doing what you're doing!!

SIMON said...

Congrats sir! Awesome Goo Girl and Guess Who! I'm looking forward to Gungle and many more years of bloggerypokery. :)

monkeyfeather said...

Happy blogirthday! One of my favorite blogs on the interwebs!

WJC said...

Thanks chaps! You are very kind and it's much appreciated.

Chris Battle said...

Congrats on 2 yrs of 100% qaulity!!

WJC said...

Thanks Chris Battle! Very kind.

Though I wonder now if you meant you liked all 3 yrs or maybe that you only thought 2 of them where quality ! ! ? ;)