Death by Warm-Up sketch

So there's a day of drawing ahead. A to-do list that stretches from here to over there but don't start straight away on what's first on the list, do a warm up drawing instead. Do something indulgent and fun AND EASY. A sketch of Power Man, or Deep Sea Diving Samurai or something new. Rule that pencil, crush that line, nail that sketch then, in full command of my tools and skills, attack that work to do.

Today, I didn't win. Wrestled, struggled, got cross with inability and ran out of time. Not just warm-up time but the bulk of my drawing day.

But I went down fighting (feebly) and prompted by William and Rob did a panel of that "Sailor shore leave, Thailand ladyboy love story comic"

It may be the only one.

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Jonathan Edwards said...

Top pic, Warwick. Great composition too.