Wine, tv and pencils, again.

So, been at work, come home, had supper, watched Enter the Dragon and drew. Scanned this picture of Mr Han showing Roper around his opium production. Quite accidentally a 'ghost' image of Williams appeared from the sketch the other side of the page.


Reds said...

"Mr Han, suddenly I wish to leave your island..."

Philippe Gaulier said...

Just discovered your blog, I love your work. Especially your Condorman, I've seen this movie when I was just a kid and I even made a costume at the time :)

Dan McDaid said...

You really make drawing sound like fun. :)

Love this - the ghost Williams is perfect.

WJC said...

Thanks you guys. Cracking movie it is and that 'ghost Williams' was a freakish accident but spot on for where old Roper and Mr Han are right there.

Philippe, glad you like the stuff, just been to your blog and it's great there, love the sketchy stuff. But a Condorman costume, what a treat for any youngster.

Dan, it is fun and you know it.