What Makes Me Tick?

I happily joined in with the Culture Vulture Travelling Moleskine project thanks to Jonathan-E and here's my contribution. The theme for this one is 'What makes you tick?'. I got many of them though now realise I missed out PANIC.


de aap said...

great piece!

Scribblesam said...

I like the ROCK too. Can't go wrong with a bit of guitar and drums I'll say. Playing them is fun too : ) nice stuff Warwick. Always checking yer blog.


Jorge Forn├ęs said...

fantastic drawing! and I like very munch your Kirby´s portrait, it´s the best piece of the gallery!!

WJC said...

Thanks fella's.

Sam, I tried playing them before but it sounded bloody awful.

I'm not sure I'd agree Jorge. I like yours a lot.