New Post post and Star Wars again.

I normally dislike the postman as he brings us bills, today he's in my Great and Good books as he delivered a parcel from pal and blogfather, Mark Cardwell. It contained The Wrestling by Simon Garfield which looks like an utterly fantastic childhood shattering account of the wrestling I grew up loving on saturday morning telly as a nipper. I never remember Jimmy 'Fix it' Savile being a wrestler? (though lost his first 37 fights apparently)

Thanks Mark.

Also, I couldn't help but continue dreaming of a Star Wars wrestling movie, normal service should resume.


Mark said...

Who's your daddy? I'm The Daddy.

Jonathan Edwards said...

I've got this book! I bought it years ago when I was contemplating doing a wrestling strip (I think I got as far as half a page). It's a good read as far as I remember. Although not quite as bizarre and entertaining as "The Nation's Favourite" his book about Radio One which I highly recommend.

WJC said...

"One who has blogged before" Thanks Mark.

Drawing of wrestlers Jonathan? Show us some.