Grappler Gallery.

Look at these beauties! Everybody does love a good wrestling picture. Check out their respective links too! Thanks loads chaps for letting me post them. (Pictures in the post for those who wanted them)

Jonathan Edwards

Fred Blunt

Jorge Gutierrez

Louis Roskosch

John Hoffman


Sam Hearn

David O'Connell

Dave Shelton

Dan McDaid

Chris Garbutt

I've had a great month and plenty of stuff turned up that didn't get finished to use which will be handy for future Wrestle City posts, hope you enjoyed it all.



Mark said...

Jonathan Edwards really gets how Wrestling City works; love Hearn's wrestling Dredd/Death (seriously - I'd buy it, though my offer might be a tad low-ball what with being in the middle of buying a house); and love Garbutt's Giant Haystacks (every Ulsterman's fave wrestler after his attempt on Jackie Fullerton's life).

Scribblesam said...

Hi Warwick,

I created a blog space - so I don't have to keep emailing behind the scenes! These are all great pics. I love J.Edwards' and Fred Blunt's especially.

Hopefully i'll make time to start putting up some pics in my own space. And cheers for the nice words there Mark.

- Sam.

Sarah said...

Man, this is so much fun.

Hey, is there any way to subscribe to your stuff on Live Journal with an RSS feed? I want to keep better tabs on it!

Fred Blunt said...

Cheers for putting my scribbles up Warwick. Nice to see my work on a decent blog surrounded by such lofty company!
Glad you liked Sam, Thanks

pmgl said...

dave o'connel 's my fav :)