"mon chat Splash"

The Yellow Mark, Page 34, Panel 9. Captain Blake reveals to Professor Mortimer the device that would allow him to continue his investigations while continually enjoying Plastic Bertrand's hit 'Ca plane pour moi'.


Jorge Forn├ęs said...

Great,I love "The Yellow Mark",the spanish director ALEX DE LA IGLESIA its in the preparation of the film!

robward said...

"le walkman, n'est pas?" - jolly good stuff, i'm not sure about resting the weapons on the escritoire though, i mean, a commie could just nip across and grab your banana and poke you in the eye

WJC said...

I've only ust read The Yellow Mark and it is great. I've been daydreaming about Blake and Mortimer for fifteen years since seeing the covers and artwork at the Belgian Comic Museum, just never got one til recently. I look forward to the film.

Those chaps are professionals Rob, they could leave their gun in a villains handbag and still get out of trouble.