Jazz Club

Today proved to be a very difficult drawing day and in the midst of project breaks, hard won lines and insubordinate mark-making, this appeared. After which I got lost in the colour world of photoshop at which point I decided to leave it all alone for the day.

I do like the idea of going into a record shop to ask if they've got something that sounds like this?


Mark said...

I've thought of about three filthy innuendoes already.

robward said...

I've always felt uncomfortable with the word 'Suzaphone' - it doesn't really do the business for that mighty wrap-around fella. May I suggest we start calling it the 'Anacondaphone'.

When will this picture be available on a t-shirt/ironing board cover?

Matt J said...

Yeah baby-nude jazz. . .swingin' !

WJC said...

Perhaps a t-shirt, ideally a duvet cover with your choice of one of the 5 musicians on the pillow.

Innuendoes on a postcard please.