Even though it was my birthday yesterday I got talked into going to The Nippers school to expound upon the virtues of drawing for money. If i'd brought in the Ninja Handyman concept drawing from Planet Sketch he would have been their favourite apparently but in his absence this character from a Burger King Pitch from 2001 made them happiest.


pmgl said...

happy birthday WJC!!!
(+thx for the storytelling via so good illustrations, i come often here check out whats new since your'e very productive, this was an occasion to leave à comment.)

Mark said...

Really can't see how that picture would encourage anyone to eat a burger!

WJC said...

Thanks a lot P, glad to have you visiting and thanks for joining in.

Mark, aybe I should have included the accompanying picture of a cow straddling a cheese that would be frazzled by the monsters discharge leaving a tempting tasty cheeseburger. This brief was specifically proposed by the 'Ad guys' though apparently left the 'Burger guys' unimpressed. Shame, i'd have like to have seen the toy.

Mr. Vermut said...

WOW. I love your stuff man! This is really amazing. This drawings are very expresive.

I hope u like "the red Banyan" I add u to my links!

Mark said...

Sounds like a campaign that'd have turned a lot of traumatized kids into vegetarians.