Either an ancient suboceanic stone tiki born of timeless tides and embracing drifts of the sea.
Or a fiteen year old figment, forged from camaradarie at the South Bristol swimming baths.


Duke of Rochdale said...

WJC - how do you find the time for all these sheenanigins? i thought you had 3 tiddlers?

WJC said...

I allocate a disproportionate amount of my time to 'doing things I shouldn't' instead 'doing things I should'.
'Doing pictures really fast' helps too.

Mark said...

Great drawing an' all, though my abiding thought is "why couldn't he have a giant pair of speedoes, like Fin Fang Foom, or summat?"

WJC said...

Having seen the Speedo misuse at South Bristol swimming baths I learnt that sometimes nature might be right after all.
I probably ought to add, I tend to swim in Hulk style long short/ short longs but without the tatty ends.