1000. Apparently.

This blog has been thoroughly neglected of late. I'll try and keep up but lots of work (which is exciting), bad organisation (not so exciting) and the combination of twitter (@warwickjc) and instagram  (@wocco) has meant this blogspot gets left behind.

I had a birthday recently and was given an A3 Moleskin sketchbook which is getting sporadic attention to wind down when all other drawing is going nowhere. Still the best way to relax, even when work has been to draw all day.

I'll post more up as they get done. Anyway, this is Blog Post One Thousand.


SIMON said...

I absolutely LOVE these... particularly the second and last ones. If you ever get the time it would be cool to see the second one coloured. :-P

voxie said...

Your style is amazing... Espeicially the ones on this 1000th post of yours... When I look at them, I feel like I'm looking/feeling the Universe, or a parallel of it. It gives me the shivers in a good way :)

Chris Garbutt said...

These are all amazing!
Can't get enough of the first one.
Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts too!

susanna rumiz said...

Woow!!! *_*