What's going on.

Ok, things are not going as planned. The summer is coming to an end and I have got very little done in terms of books and artwork. I had higher hopes for accomplishing the targets that i had set (though they do constantly wander 'just a few more weeks' regardless) but these have not been met.
Drawing, making stories, sketching ideas are things I have always done and always enjoy doing. And wether I have art jobs to do, commissions to finish or responsibilities to projects to fulfill, I still would find drawing the best way to take a break from a drawing workload. But somehow, this time has not been available. Summer holidays, day jobs and night jobs have all been factors but also, fairly wayward working practices. To my great shame, my two books for Blank Slate, Gungle and Hunch Parsons are still far from ready. I have spoken to plenty of people over time, assuring them (perhaps you) that these are on the way to completion, maybe now so many times that you're wondering if they will ever appear at all. They certainly will, but I m certainly testing the patience of those guys who have been so good to me, which as I say, is to my shame.
There are projects that I am keen to get on with after those books too. Writers who are interested in letting me work with their scripts, and I'm dead excited to do so, in time.
And this blog too has been neglected. Though partly as fancy phones and apps are moving ahead. Twitter and instagram are more streamlined to post up a quickly rendered sketch, while out and about and far from my desk and scanner (@warwickjc on twitter but @wocco on instagram, long story)

I suppose i'm just wanting to let you know that 'i'm on it'. This time of year has often shown a marked change in improved productivity and I need to improve.


SIMON said...

I know the feeling.

I mean you know i was working on something and circumstances forced me to set it to one side for a while... and it is really frustrating because you feel like you are pissing away opportunities and you worry how much longer people are going to be patient before they lose interest and write you off or something.

All i can say mate is that there is no point in rushing a project and ending up with something that you are unhappy with or that you know could have been better.

Hopefully the people invested in these projects will recognise the talent that put you on their radar in the first place and have enough faith to hang in there until you are ready.

I know it's easy to say but just keep beavering away steadily and try not to worry. The books will be done when they are done.

Oh and i'm all over these books no matter how long they take to come out mate.

WJC said...

Thanks all over Simon. You've got it right just there too. No matter what is stopping the work it feels like time is being pissed away. I've done 14 hr shifts then gone home and drawn. Give me week of 14 hrs at the drawing table, i'd love to see what happens.

Thanks Mate, and for your patience too.