Been away camping

Been off this last week for a high old time with the family. Wet and wild camping and lots of repairs to pay for but a good time with the gang.

Took my pens, though didn't get to spend much time with them.

First bit of this in a rainy tent one morning. 
Finished 2 days later in the sunshine.

Duck Hunter

Tank Girl and Boog in a rainy tent

Tarted up once home.

Dredd. Pissed about in instagram.

Back to the day job and the night jobs too.


Ertito Montana said...

Love tank girl, great arts!

SIMON said...

Wow... that double page spread is absolutely brilliant!

Matt J said...

Great Dredd! and TG & Booga!

Glenn said...

'Hi-ex' I recognise. 'Rich...' - is that a misspelt Ricochet?

But mainly, I want to know what a Ball Bag does! Don't remember that being standard issue?

Amazing work BTW, as usual.

james newell said...

brillant dredd, would love to see a strip. j