Tintin, Snowy and Haddock

A brief pencil interlude yesterday, coloured today.

Busy ness abounds at the moment, much to much to do and fit in. I'm behind with most things so sorry if you're waiting for something or other. I need to do some sort of belated post after the FANTASTIC Thought Bubble festival last weekend, great to see so many ace people. Thanks to all those who came by.

On my way to Thought Bubble, I stopped in Bristol for part of the Animated Encounters festival. Screenings and signings with the superb and excellent John K. A great view of some of his own selected shorts (that's me, there, behind the guy) and later a 'Desert Island Flicks' event were he introduced some of his favourite cartoons. Highly enjoyable, though I missed the chance for a sketch, which were also excellent.

Lastly, Nelson is at The Cartoon Museum tonight, gutted to miss it but there's more this week.


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my favourite three people! Nice job.