The Wolfman on Nightshift

Fighting to stay occupied at quiet times on night shifts is not a problem, I'm gently catching up with those projects that are left behind but there are times when the brain goes out of tune and the intentions aren't matching the production. The last four nights i've switched to autopilot and have been ink sketching The Wolfman in it's entirety.

Chances of spoilers but only if you can actually see what's going on.


joscha said...

Those look amazing WJC, I really love to see your style used on these scenes. It's a strong and surprising combination, because the staging is a bit more realistic than your other work.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Magnificent as always.

FHNavarro said...



Joel Cooper said...

wonderful to see your sketches, so much energy.

shane oakley said...


this is bloody brill! - enjoyed your condensed illustrated version far more than the film.

cracklin energy, strong shapes and atmosphere.

is this all brush pen and no pencils?

Miklós Felvidéki said...

Much better than the shitty movie :D

The only part I loved in the film was the transformation in the Asylum, and maybee the beginning.

Awesome stuff! You shoul make a zine of movie adaptations, I'd buy it :)

WJC said...

Thanks everyone! I've had a great response to what was effectively something to get me through the small hours where real work was proving too taxing.

Joscha, yep, as everything is copied from the screen so composition decisions are not mine. A great exercise.

Shane, Started with Kuretake 'Brushable' felt pen. A double ended one with black and grey tips. A calligraphy felt pen and a pilot pen. By the end had added, proper brush pen and finer calligraphy one. And a poska.

Miklos, that could be fun. I hadn't realised how much i'd done (14 A4 pages) I'll try it.

Fred Blunt said...

Amazing set of drawings WJC... oh, how I love these :)