Monkeyfeather takes The Nun to APE

The excellent John Monkeyfeather Hoffman is going to APE next weekend and he's taking The Nun With 2 Guns with him. I did get this pin up done for the book.

It was a project that John and I went into ourselves but I was diverted (and still am) and John struck boldly on, there are other pin ups going in too, Jamie Baker, Matt J and Octavio Rodriguez on his blog. Scott Morse has one too, I hear. I'm busting to see the book, it looks ACE. Keen to get to APE one day too.

A couple years ago, The Nun began to pop up in the blog world, on mine, on John's and on others too, notably created Rob Davis, Dan McDaid and Jonathan Edwards, but there are links through these to a load of other's Nuns.

Good Luck John!

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