Moon Landing

Celebrating the first luna landing on this day in 1969, over at the EASTWING blog.

Also, for those non-believers here's a reminder of the excellent Darryl Cunningham's Moon Hoax comic.


Wilbur Dawbarn said...

lovely. delightfully unround earth, i really like that.

and yes, finally i can log in to blogger and leave you comments! i've got a brand new blogger account which seems to work fine (dunno what was up with the old one), and one of those fancy blogrolls which puts the most recently updated one at the top. cool.

what's that? everyone's moving on to wordpress blogs now? gah.

WJC said...

Wordwhat? Really? I'm one of those "the grass may be greener but looks suspicious and new is unknown' types.

monkeyfeather said...

I love the shape you used for the earth.

Mark Celis said...

This went straight into my "Sci-Fi Drawing" screensaver!