Star Fleet reminder

I have been catching up on Star Fleet recently (trying to persuade the nippers that it's fun) I had totally forgot/ never remembered that the Chief Lady Baddy, Makara, their own Darth Vader was;
A. barely dressed
B. Had her brain showing
C. Had a talking eyepatch.


Mark Kardwell said...

Man, I'd totally forgotten that ever existed before you posted that. Thanks to the booze for erasing so many synaptic pathways to useless crap!

WJC said...

They creep back in our dreams and make us think we made this stuff up!

Might do a Barry Hercules next.

robward said...

Twas always a fait accompli, what with alien boobs and Brian May doing a remix, WJC can't resist that kind o pressure.

Fred Blunt said...

I used to fancy Lamia... was that her name?

WJC said...

It was, she was an Alien. Nice though.