10 year old pirates.

2010 was a massively eventful year, mainly good, sometimes crappy. Loads of things got done and I will try to collect some of it's activities to post, however that is proving a slow and complicated task and may get left behind in favour of ploughing into the work for 2011 with a run up.
So, here is blog post 700. In line with the point of this blog so far, not so much to produce splendid and precious work but to keep me drawing and keep my drawing and thinking lively if not always any good.

These guys are pirates I drew in a sketchbook at the very beginning of 2001.


Mark Kardwell said...

2001? Man, it always amazes me how your style was born fully-formed.

WJC said...

I see bits i've grown out of or into, may re-visit some of the older tricks!

There will be more of the old time stuff cropping up whilst I work secretly on Gungle and all.

monkeyfeather said...

I would say your drawings are always good.