BICS and Convention Sketching

I had a smashing weekend at BICS, haven't got around to a post about it yet (and may not) but briefly, the plusses were EXCELLENT people to spend good time with and lots of comic greatness to enjoy. The minuses were, not enough money to spend and doing my back in carrying my goods back on sunday.

I was asked for a few sketches which I was happy to attempt. Very excited to be asked to do this, a Hellboy and Red Demon (from my Kani comic) picture. I loved trying it out but wanted to have another (better) go, and here it is . . . .

Oscar, who asked for the sketch, if you want this sketch as well then email me (email in the profile) and i'll send it to you. Let me know your friends name by way of ID or a password (the guy I did Captain America for)

Anyway, Kani is nearly sold out of it's first print but if anyone wants to buy one let me know, £3.50 plus p & p.

Also, don't forget to buy prints from table pardner Rob Davis


Jason Bennion said...

Warwick this is awesome but I have to say so was the original drawing you did:)

Good to see you on the weekend & thanks again for bringing along the Jungle drawings for me - I will treasure them for ever:)

C u again soon hopefully!

WJC said...

Thanks Jason. Glad you liked the artwork. Hopeully see you at Thought Bubble?

Miklós Felvidéki said...

I see you follow the storyline of Hellboy (the sword). Cool! Is there any way I can order your zines from you directly?

WJC said...

Sure Miklos, email me! (the address is in the profile)