Big Scary Night In.

Mary Shelley was born on this day (1797?) Here she is delivering the first stab at her monster classic to her wine soaked poetry buddies.

For Eastwing news blog.


de aap said...

Very Nice! I love the way you did the lightning!

Sztybor said...

Awesome from A to Z!

Sarah said...

I agree, sheer awesomeness! Great to see you last week, thanks so much for the book and mini!!! xx

J.A. Hood said...

your work is so lively and the coloring is always amazing! how do you do it? watercolor? digitally?

WJC said...

Thanks everyone. Very much obliged.

Sarah, great to see you, hope you liked 'em, see you soon!

The colouring IS digital. I do use photo's/ scans for texture, this one features phot'os a carpet pattern and saofa back. I'd love to be able to finish art away from the computer but it doesn't work out that way yet.

Marcos Mateu said...

Fantastic as usual! One can tell she already had a clear vision of what it was going to be like by then :)
Great work!