HUZZAH!! Page Thirteen

HUZZAH!! Page Thirteen
Had the idea around 13.30 yesterday at work, finished sometime round 01.30 this morning, in between work.

Hey, and here's a bit of rough. I changed my mind with the descending Baron Kazam (who i'd been busting to draw) and his air grapple pose.


monkeyfeather said...

HUZZAH indeed!!!

james corcoran said...

Wonderful colour and a really neat layout though I must confess I prefer the Baron in the sketchbook. But all in all Genius Mr WJC

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Great to see the roughs!

Miklós Felvidéki said...

Awesome art, but why do you use comic sans to letter? there are a lot of great comic fonts, and they are free to download!

WJC said...

I was pretty keen on the big arm perspective view of the Baron. It would have involved fading panel corners to lessen the solid 'T' shaped frame but I wanted a bit more room for the two side panels. Originally, the falling Baron was going to cross the whole page with hands and feet running off page and the resulting separations would becthe panels. Further exploration needed but too much to do.

Again Miklos, a valid point and I agree. I'll find something better (any suggestions? Anybody?) Though I'm getting a font of my own handwriting as a 'by product' of a job I'm working on.
Keep up the vigilance Miklos, much appreciated.