I Am The War mUp


Workhorse said...

hell yea this is so fresh.

do you do inks and then color digitally?
what's your process

Monkeyfeather said...

Awesome Judge Dredd. I've never drawn this character, but I always think I should take a stab at drawing him.

Reds said...

Superb! Always diggen your take on 2000AD characters, they need to give you a job.

marco's blog said...

so good! quickly becoming my favorite blog!

WJC said...

Workhorse, most usually pencil then scanned straight in and coloured in Pshop. This one was inked and coloured in Pshop with no extra textures. Process two post may be up super soon.

Monkeyfeather, I don't do him often but he is a cracking draw. Go with Mick McMahon, Carlos Ezquerra of Cam Kennedy for the best Dredds.

Reds, I've asked, they're not keen. Maybe warming up after the last chat though.

Marco, thanks VERY much, an honour.