Gungle Hunt. Le Hiatus.

Here's an interlude in the Gungle adventure which has slowed down at the mo but will be back up to speed today (hopefully).
Premier Illustrator Jonathan E is curating Draw Serge a blog dedicated to tribute the great Serge Gainsbourg. Here's my offering. The blog is being impressively updated with great enthusiasm, hope it goes on forever. Go see it, and do a Serge to go on it too.


Jorge Forn├ęs said...

Great Warwick!!

pmgl said...

you just blew it,out of the blue. enven blinking the eyes at maximum you got the nosferatu like essence of serge

(my fav albums: "N°2" for the cover, "melody nelson" for everything (one of the best recorded piece of art ever) and "mauvaises nouvelles des etoiles" for it's its best with the wailers)

Mark said...

What a great puss the man had.

And after typing that, I felt the need to elucidate that I meant his face. Like a boxer made out of window putty.

WJC said...

Thanks you guys. Now do a Serge!