Christmas Special 2 of 10.

Inside the Exhibition of Foreign Terrors, something's clearly amiss

(Me, and this whole escapade have been sabotaged by germs. This picture should have been much better but i'm 2 days behind!)


robward said...

get well soon Dr. Bloggles - I've never liked germs, even when they were cool

Mark said...

Everyone seems to be down with one thing at the other: flu, colds, winter vomiting/explosive diarrhoea, whatevah. Fortunately, I seem to have the constitution of a Minotaur.

Also: picture seems fine to me, bar Uma looking like she's about to keel over.

Rob Davis said...

Hey! This is fun. It's a story! Love the monsters.

The guy who played Greedo lives just round the corner from me. he's a yokel celeb.

Shame about the germs, I've got three kids so it's like head tennis regarding colds and that in our house.

Anyway, I'll look forward to the other 8.