Dream Doctor Who

I imagine this week is quite the week for wondering about Dr Who. I had plenty of proper stuff to be getting on with yet couldn't help but wonder 'What if . . . . ?'


Mark said...

Helluva team up, that. Good deployment of Mr T. His presence always notches up any potential action sequence the whole way up to "11".

That Doctor Who cliffhanger kept me up last Saturday night trying to figure out what the hell RTD would do next. Well, that and a spot of indigestion.

WJC said...

T and Jet would make for more 'gung-ho' adventures. But would Mr T/ BA need doping with cheeseburgers before each flight?

Having The Doctor return as Tom Baker would be a sneaky twist, I'd like to see those lady companions work that one out!
If he's going to regenerate without a hitch then some-one like Patterson Joseph could do a good one.

Dan McDaid said...

Paterson Joseph - hell, yes.

I love this picture more than I love my girlfriend. She's not happy.

Mark said...

Paterson Johnson has got the best voice in the business, but I reckon the next Doctor (when the next Doctor proper comes, and whatever's happening here, I don't think it'll be a full-on regeneration), the next 'un needs to come from that small but select group, British actors who re borderline movie stars who'll still do TV. I'll make a list and post it at m'blog.

And, "here, B.A., Jet and I are just about to head off to Aldebaran IX for a game of darts, we'll see you later... fancy a glass of milk?"