Bedknobs 2

Having been previously routed by plucky English witchcraft, the Nazis return. This time they are led by their own occult specialists.


robward said...

You've definately lost it this time, you're off your flamin' ronson - i love it

WJC said...

Lovely, thanks.
It's a grateful homage (pronounced fromage) to Messrs Disney and Mignola. And it's kept me gleefully occupied all day while I ought to have been concentrating on work.

Mark said...

I'd like to think this turn of events may in some way have been facilitated by the influence of the daft chatter at my blog, where Mignola and Angela Lansbury are recurring themes, it seems. Again, if so, I'm humbled.

ond3000 said...

now that's what I call a convergence. My son an heir and I could spend a happy hour debating the relative merits of your homage, although he would undoubtably express an eager desire to see the next instalment feature a semi pro footballing lion sporting a magical talisman take on the dark forces of the national socialist occult..

WJC said...

Yep, it was. I was in Nazzy Occultland for hours.

Blast! You beat me to it. This one's done me in today and i've the ugly feeling there could be one more. Sometime.