Sketchbook Thanks

I'm pretty happy with the way this blog is going, so far. It was plannned to turf a ton of stuff out of sketchbooks and tidy it up whilst sorting out a proper website, which has still not happened. I'm starting slowly to work the blog out. I'll make proper use of the 'labels' sometime and hopefully plan 'story' posts ahead of time rather than knocking them out within minutes of my daily deadline/ bedtime/ shift start.
Importantly today though, i'd like to say a thank you to anyone who visits this blog, spending their valuable time. A big thanks to anyone who offers their comment/ suggestions/ criticism in the relevant spot.
Especially, a hearty 'Ta' to Mark at badlibrarianship and Elliot at sandwichbag, both of whom are in the links over there and should be linked right here but in truth, the means to do that is still beyond me. Check out their Blogs, you'll be the better for it.
Here's a picture each as a cheery thanks.

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Mark said...

Aw, shucks. Love it.